Solar Thermal

Solar thermal is an excellent alternative to traditional energy sources. With zero carbon emissions and an inexhaustible supply of sunshine solar technology is good for the environment and is an excellent way for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint as part of a wider lifestyle choice. Adding solar heating technology to property may make it more desirable to potential buyers, as the home would be less susceptible to the fluctuation in heating prices.

How It Works

Solar thermal collectors work by allowing the sun to heat up a special glycol/water solution within the panel on your roof. These panels efficiently collect the suns energy in this fluid which is then circulated from the roof panel into a cylinder where heat transfer takes place moving the energy collected into your heating system. The simplicity of this system means that in choosing a supplier, you want high quality and reliable products to deliver the cost savings over time.

How It May Look

We have included the diagram beside to give you an idea of how the system might look where solar collectors are connected to a central heat store transferring the energy collected from the sun into your home.

Solar Water Diagram

Grant Solar Thermal

We are pleased to provide the Grant Solar Thermal Range with their high standards of quality and reliability within all the products and components.

The Grant products are rigorously tested to ensure the highest standards of reliability and quality that you would expect. The collects can be installed on sloping or flat roofs using on-roof or in-roof mounting systems with the self-cleaning glass keeping maintenance to a minimum.

With a Grant solar controller automating the operation of the system ownership is easy and stress-free and just part of what can be included:

  • High-efficiency flat plate collector
  • Multi-functional controller with LCD display
  • In-roof, on-roof and flat-roof mounting arrangements
  • Grant CombiSOL to integrate solar thermal with combination boilers
  • Grant WinterSOL which provides a fully heated cylinder of hot water during periods of low thermal gain


Grant Solar Thermal Systems are covered by a unique 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee, subject to terms and conditions. This gives you peace of mind that the system you have installed in your house will provide you with heating to your home for many years to come!

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