Wood-Based Heating Systems

Humphrey & Crockett specialise in wood-based heating systems; it’s something that we are passionate about and really enjoy!

We undertake the full project for installation helping you select the right appliance for your home, ensuring that the correct safety upgrades have been put in place along with interlinking systems so that it works properly once it is installed.

Appliances vary in size and power, and it can be confusing to try and get the right one; you need to be sure that the heat output into the room is not overwhelming, but that demand can be met. We understand this and are here to help you. Because it’s often difficult to see these working we decided to build a fully working wood-based heating system in our showroom for you to come and look at!

Be aware that a wood-based heating system is not for everyone. Boiler stoves give more energy output, require maintenance and need a cheap source of (wood) fuel.

Once you do have your appliance generating lots of heat, then you need somewhere to put the excess energy and some way of connecting it.

Thermal Stores

A Thermal store is a method of taking the heat generated by multiple different sources (wood, gas etc.) and bringing them all together into a single store. This store can then be used by the house for water and heating as required.

Getting the Thermal Store right is an important element of the installation of your system so that what you have meets the demands of the household. It also consumes all the excess heat that your wood burning stove produces so that you can burn it at maximum efficiency and not overheat one room.

Linking it all together

Once you have your appliance and your thermal store you are going to need to connect them together. You might also want to connect in a gas or oil boiler to your thermal store for when the stove cannot keep up the demand of the household. Ideally, all of these things should be automated so that you always have heat in your thermal store.

To provide this automation, we use an H2 Panel which links up all of these different heating sources and automates the turning on and off of the gas or oil boiler when demand requires it.

See It In Action

We have all this built at our showroom in Andover and would love to show you how it works. Give us a call on 01264 310493 or use our contact page to book an appointment and chat with us about your requirements.