What Are Hybrids?

A hybrid approach is a method of combining two different heating systems to supply one property with the benefits of an oil-based system and an air source heat pump.

How Does It Work?

We supply and connect a Grant VortexAir consisting of a Grant VortexBlue condensing oil-fired boiler, featuring the latest blue flame burner technology, with a new Aerona³ inverter drive air source heat pump. This connects to your existing heating system and combines the two most cost-effective forms of fuel (oil and renewables) ensuring that the property is never without heat and fuel bills are kept to a minimum. These can be installed inside or outside the home depending on the requirements of the property.

Grant Hybrid

Straight Swap

If the property already contains an oil boiler, and you are thinking of changing to a heat pump, then the VortexAir allows you to change to the hybrid system without the added cost of having to resize and replace radiators or having a period without heating. The VortexAir can be installed directly to replace the existing oil-fired appliance providing immediate heating and hot water. The heat pump can then installed (either internally or externally) afterwards to complete the second part of the installation and making the system truly hybrid while causing the minimum of disruption to the home.

Grant Aerona³ Air Source Heat Pump

The Grant Aerona³ offers an environmentally sound and economically sustainable alternative to heating your home. With an entirely renewable source of energy the heat pump does not suffer from the price fluctuations of fossil fuels nor does it generate harmful greenhouse gases. By installing a heat pump the home benefits from a lower carbon footprint and lower energy bills.

Blue Flame Oil Boiler Technology

The Grant Vortex oil-fired boiler is a highly efficient and reliable backup heat source for your hybrid heating system.
By incorporating the latest blue flame technology with the low NOx emissions produced the Aerona³ is a superb choice to ensure that the entire system is in tune with the modern homeowner’s needs.

Automated Monitoring & Efficiency

The control system on the hybrid unit monitors the ambient (outside) air temperature and allows only the heat pump to operate when the air temperature is high enough for it to meet the heat demand of the building on its own. At lower ambient air temperatures the boiler will operate alongside the heat pump, providing a boost to the flow temperature. When the ambient air temperature falls lower still, the boiler is operated at its full output at a higher flow temperature to enable the hybrid unit to meet the higher heating demand of the property. The four modes are automatically chosen by the system and can be just the heat pump, oil or a combination of both as follows:

  • Mode 1 – Heat Pump only at lower flow temperatures between 35°C and 55°C
  • Mode 2 – Heat Pump and Oil Burner combined at lower flow temperatures between 40°C and 50°C
  • Mode 3 – Heat Pump and Oil Burner combined at higher flow temperatures up to 70°C
  • Mode 4 – Oil Burner with higher flow temperatures up to 70°C

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