Terms & Conditions

Our Responsibilities

All works carried out will be in accordance with current regulations and standards in force at the date and will be undertaken by a suitable qualified engineer whether employed or contracted.

Any spare parts used during repair or service work or an installation material will remain the property of Humphrey and Crockett Limited until payment has been made in full.

During a repair or service any spare parts are guaranteed for a period of 12 months against defect by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials and shall be replaced free of charge including any associated labour by Humphrey and Crockett Limited, this does not cover wear and tear on the spare parts used and also goods will not be covered by this guarantee if they have become defective for some reason other than defective material and or workmanship.

We will not be responsible for any cost incurred by another company’s service engineer or any other similar costs incurred in respect of a repairable fault if carried out by a company other than Humphrey and Crockett Limited.

Workmanship associated with a repair or service visit is guaranteed for one calendar month period, eg. Minor adjustment of mechanical components, tightening of joints or lubrication of moving parts, provided that any suspected defect is reported to Humphrey and Crockett Limited and is related to the work Humphrey and Crockett Limited have undertaken.

The appliance will be subjected to full function and safety checks during a repair or safety visit. However, no guarantee of future functionality of the appliance is implied or given except those above.

Any service of any appliance does not cover a future breakdown and again does not guarantee future functionality of the appliance. Any assistance with a breakdown will be charged for separately.

We do not undertake to reimburse any costs incurred by you or anyone else making themselves available at the premises to allow Humphrey and Crockett Limited work to be carried out.

The term “make good” implies we will make good the plastering back to the original plaster. This will require an element of sanding and a light fill before painting by the customer unless stated otherwise.

The term “create opening” implies we will remove the masonry back to original builders opening. We cannot breach cavity’s or compromise the structure to suit the stove. If an opening cannot be made suitable within these parameters Humphrey & Crockett Ltd will call you to discuss. It may mean a change from the original quote and costings.

Should an act of God, war, the Queen’s enemies, Act of Parliament or other Government action, strike action, postal delay, extreme weather conditions, disaster condition, or any other reason beyond the control of the company, prevent the company from fulfilling its obligations in terms of this contract, the company shall be excused from carrying out the conditions of the agreement until a normal situation has been re-established.

All prices are subject to change.

Your Responsibility

You will ensure that any obstacles are removed so that Humphrey and Crockett Limited can attend to the appliance safely. Every effort will be made to reduce any dust while carrying out services or repairs however you will be responsible for protecting your home and yourself from dust on all fixtures and fittings at your premises.

Unless payment has been made in advance, payment will be collected on site upon completion of the repair or service work.

Payment can be made by cash or cheque or BACS transfer or card.

The agreement shall be constructed under English law and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

All works over £750.00 require a 50% deposit (£) to be paid before any work is undertaken.

Before the quote is finalised and any options removed, the deposit amount shown maybe higher than is required.

Marble and Granite are natural materials and as such are subject to variations in colour, natural markings, veining’s, vents and cracks. Where necessary they are stopped or reinforced, and no claim on this account can be made.
All thickness and measurements are nominal, and the supplier cannot accept liability for reasonable variations, whatever the nature of these.

Guarantees/Warranties – we offer a 5-year workmanship warranty and normal manufacturers warranties.

Building tolerances – all fireplaces and stove installations shall be true and square within + and – 5mm within a 1m tolerance of the finished recess/opening.
Any changes to the planned work that the customer requires must be approved with one of the directors preferably before the job starts work. Failure to do this could incur further costs.

Although every care will be taken when using a lift on your property, there will be instances where tyre marks etc. could be left in grass verges/soft soil.

Any products supplied by the customer are solely the customer’s responsibility.