Tamar Power Sweeping

Power sweeping chimneys is the modern way in which Chimney Sweeps can more efficiently and effectively clean a chimney.

By attaching a set of specialist rods and brushes to a power tool, the sweep can apply much more cleaning power to the inside of your chimney to remove stubborn deposits that are more difficult to remove using traditional methods.

As you can see from the diagram on the right, this is not much different than having a regular sweep done to your chimney and won’t create any extra mess or inconvenience more than usual.

Humphrey & Crockett power sweep all the chimneys that they are servicing unless a traditional method is requested or more appropriate.

So if you have a problem chimney that you think needs a power sweep or if you would like a regular sweep done to your chimney, then please call us on 01264 310493 or using our contact form and we would be happy to chat through your requirements.

Tamar Reamer Diagram